We are doing following CFD analyses in the NAVAL&Marine Applications :

  • Single-phase resistance analyses for ships
  • Multi-phase resistance analyses for ships
  • Open water propeller analyses
  • Self-propulsion analyses for ships
  • Appendage and bulb optimization for ships
  • Sloshing analyses for several geometries
  • Under-hood flow analyses for vehicles
  • Incompressible internal flow analyses for several geometries
  • Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) CFD Calculations


Multi-Phase Resistance Analyses for Ships

Free surface rendering

Free surface draught

Displacement Hull

CFD Wake Calculations

Meshing of ship hull and volume

Open Water Propeller Analyses

Pressure distribution on propellers

Propeller wake

Propeller cavitation

Self-Propulsion Analyses for Ships

Sample - CFD Simulation of a Barge

Meshing of Barge with SnappyHexMesh tool

Streamlines around of Barge Hull

Free surface Elevation

Hull Optimization Analyses

Optimization for Ship Parts

ML Driven Surrogate Model

Parametric Hull Model